EFC Content Management System Electronic Filing Cabinet

Bulk document import

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Creating Index/Category records

FTP - How to setup a link to an FTP server folder.

FormLink - Importing a form for use in the ATS application

Installing the EFC application for the first time.

Creating a server file to securely log on to a SQL server database.

Adding users to the EFC system

Selecting a database and choosing which users can have access to it.

Here you can find commonly asked questions about how to use the EFC desktop application.

Connecting to SQL Server, selecting a database, opening files, importing files, extracting files, deleting files, renaming files, scanning new files, OCR documents, emailing documents, setting up temp folders, AES file encryption, and much, much more.


Do you need help with an EFC function? Look here. New tutorials all the time.  

EFC - Default settings

EFC - Updating admin password encryption algorithm

EFC - Automating index field values. See how here.

EFC - How to use the new login features password and server update. See how here.

EFC - New feature. Field Value View.